Nike Tiger Woods 2015: Golf Shoe Review

Nike Tiger Woods 2015 Golf Shoes

Nike Tiger Woods 2015 Golf Shoes

In 2015 Nike and Tiger Woods collaborated to make these golf shoes.  They were somewhat revolutionary at the time.  Tiger Woods was recovering from back surgery and wanted a super comfortable golf shoe.  Being the brilliant man that he is, he thought the best golf shoe would mirror the comfort of his running shoes.   The Nike TW’15 golf shoes  were game changers and have forever left their stamp on the golf shoe industry.  If you love Tiger Woods and you’re in the market for a lightweight and flexible golf shoe, these are the best golf shoes for you.

Lightweight and Flexible

The TW’15 golf shoe is made with a Flyweave upper that makes the shoe extremely lightweight.  In fact, this technology makes the TW’15 golf shoe 10% lighter than its predecessor, the TW’14.   The golf she also features Dynamic Flywire System that makes the golf shoe really stable.  When swinging at 115 mph (like Tiger used to) you’re going to want a stable shoe.   The lightweight nature of these golf shoes prevent them from weighing you down during a round and make them easy to put on.  In addition to the weight and stability of the golf shoe, they are also super flexible.   This is due to the Free-inspired outsole of the golf shoe.   If you’re someone who has feet that are unconventionally shaped, these may be the best golf shoes for you.


Contrary to popular belief, the lightweight and flexible nature of the TW’15s does not compromise their comfort.  Tiger designed these shoes a little later in his career and wanted to really focus on comfort, flexibility and lightweight design.  Because of this focus, these golf shoes kind of have it all.  While the TW’15s aren’t the most comfortable golf shoes produced, they certainly hold their own.   However, if comfort is your main concern (as opposed to style and weight) consider the Skechers Go Golf Pro 2s.

Nike Tiger Woods 2015 Golf Shoes

Cleats and Grip

When creating the TW’15 golf shoes Tiger also wanted to focus on the grip of the golf shoe.  It’s designed with grip in places that golf shoe makers still ignore.  Specifically, Tiger added special grip to the toe and the heel of the shoe to prevent slipping on your backswing and follow through.  While these golf shoes won’t increase your swig speed, they’ll definitely help you plant solidly into the ground to push up against gravity and maximize your power.

Are these the best golf shoes for you?

Overall, I think the TW’15 is the most comfortable, technologically advanced golf shoe Nike has created to date. The shoe’s design incorporates Tiger’s personal insights, which results in some stunning visual design details and incredible performance enhancements. The TW’15 is very light and extremely comfortable, and stability and traction are outstanding. If you are looking for an amazing athletic golf shoe to help you take your game to the next level this year, you definitely need to check out the new TW’15. These golf shoes changed the golf shoes forever.  They inspired virtually all manufacturers to make a running-shoe type golf shoe.  These golf shoes are flexible, stable, lightweight, full of grip, and fairly stylish.  If you are looking for a new pair of golf shoes, the Nike TW’15 should definitely be on your radar.  These are the best golf shoes available for golfers looking for lightweight and flexible shoes.

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