FootJoy D.N.A. BOA: Golf Shoe Review

FootJoy D.N.A. BOA

FootJoy D.N.A. BOA


D.N.A. – DryJoys Next Advancement men’s golf shoes feature the most comprehensive feature package ever delivered by FJ, D.N.A. golf shoes for men embody the most proven elements of the world-renown DryJoys franchise with new, cutting-edge design and construction methodology. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

The name FootJoy is probably one of the first that comes to mind when you think about golf shoes.  Although there are some other big names in the market these days, FootJoy is a classic brand name that is specific to golf.  As such, most golfers have at least some experience with the brand – whether they were your first pair of golf shoes or Footjoy’s FJ logo is on your Titleist hat.  Footjoy has been making golf shoes for a long time and is trusted.  If you’re in the market for a new pair of golf shoes, the D.N.A BOA shoes need to be near the top of that list.  Let’s get into the details.


The SnugFit tongue with MicroVent™ technology shapes to the foot while providing breathability. A 3D FoamCollar™ molds to the ankle for unsurpassed support, comfort and fit.

The lightweight cushioned Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) fit-bed provides optimum underfoot comfort and heel support.

The Nitro Last offers a full rounded toe character, slightly shallow forefoot, slightly narrow heel and standard instep. The extra depth helps accommodate a thicker fit-bed for enhanced cushioning.

ChromoSkin™ leather, developed by Pittards® of England, is a supple, lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof leather.

The NitroThin™ TPU outsole provides lightweight stability and performance. Tornado Cleats by Softspikes help to achieve a low profile while the thinner spec receptacles ensure low-profile performance through the TourLock™ cleat system.

High-Tech for Your Feet

The “D.N.A.” in the Footjoy D.N.A. Boa stands for ‘DryJoys Next Advancement’, and you can plainly see the amount of technology that has been packed into these golf shoes.  These golf shoes are designed to adapt to your feet.  The materials that compose them wrap to your feet without suffocating them.  That is serious technology. The DNA has been in design for a long time and hence why FootJoy may appear to have been wrong-footed by the trend to lightweight performance golf shoes. However with the DNA you can see that they have taken their time to get it right and they are back at the forefront as they have thrown the technical kitchen sink at it. FootJoy have managed to introduce this technology without increasing the weight of the shoe. Lightness is a key factor in any performance shoe and the DNA uses a variety of technologies to make the it 20% lighter than the FootJoy XPS-1 and 19% lighter than the FJ Icon. Certainly the shoe felt very light to wear on the course. It was not quite like walking in bare feet as you know they are there, but they are lighter than most quality golf shoes and that will have a beneficial effect towards the end of a 5 mile walk around a golf course.

FootJoy D.N.A. BOA 2019

MicroVent Technology

The MircroVent technology in these golf shoes allow the shoe to adapt to your foot.  This is great for people who have feet that don’t fit into a typical narrow set of golf shoes.  It is also great for people who may have bunions that just out on their feet or other physical features that are unique to the player’s foot.  With this type of customization, you’ll no longer have to loosen your shoes on the 13th hold because they’re rubbing the same spot causing irritation.  When you combine the MicroVent technology with the Fine Tuned Foam used in the bed of the shoe that offers great comfort all day long – you get one of the best golf shoes on the market.

Waterproof & Breathable

These golf shoes are 100% waterproof for those rainy days.  In addition to MircoVent technology, these shoes are also breathable. This is a rare quality in a waterproof shoe.  More often than not, when a shoe is waterproof, it can be fairly uncomfortable on those hot dry summer days.  Your feet start to sweat, there is no venting, and you slip and slosh in your shoes while trying to make a golf swing.  Not good. The Footjoy D.N.A. Boa’s avoid that problem.

FootJoy D.N.A. BOA


FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, has a long history of developing comfortable, performance golf shoes featuring the latest materials and technology. The Boa ® Closure System enables FootJoy to deliver an even higher level of comfort and stability through a truly custom fitting golf shoe no matter your size or fit preference.

These golf shoes come with a Boa dial that ties your shoes for you and makes the shoes completely fit to your foot.  You won’t have to worry about bending down to tie your shoes anymore.  The BOA shoe tightening system will allow the shoe to grab onto your foot tightly simply by twisting a dial on the heel of the shoe.  According to Footjoy, this technology not only makes the shoe more convenient to put on, but it also stabilizes the heel portion of the shoe by providing the perfect fit.

Are these the best golf shoes for you?

Overall I think the DNA is the sports performance shoe that FootJoy fans have been waiting for. It looks great, is very comfortable and provides all the performance benefits that you would expect from a top of the range shoe, which is reflected in the premium price. However if you can afford it, and maybe even if you can’t, you should push the boat out as your feet will thank you for doing so. Investing in a quality pair of golf shoes is important.  If your feet aren’t comfortable, then you’ll be distracted while swinging and it will lead to more errant shots.  It’s also a terrible experience to play an entire round of golf while your feet hurt. With the Footjoy D.N.A. Boa golf shoes, you’re essentially strapping a pair of Ferraris on your feet.  They offer unmatched customized fitting, comfort, durability, and waterproofing.  These are some of the best golf shoes money can buy.

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