About Us

TodoGolf.com was founded by team golf professionals who obsessed with golf. Information portal TodoGolf.com contains the latest news from the world of golf and high-quality analytical materials, being an indispensable guide for those whose way of life has become golf.

Yes, our site is dedicated to golf and everything that accompanies this noble sport: loud successes, outstanding achievements, annoying blunders and luck. Big money and people who put the game on the field above their own ego and coins. We do not make a fetish from “sport millionaires”. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are not trying to make money on a fashion trend. We like the Game itself, its meaning and the maximum concentration of attention necessary to hit a naughty ball in the hole.

The regular authors of TodoGolf.com are not only Russian sports commentators, but also journalists living in the USA, a country where golf is very popular.

The “Blog” rubric is popular for its interviews with stars of world golf, reviews on the subject of golf tourism and real estate. The “Calendar” and “Tournament Results” sections provide complete and up-to-date information about upcoming and past competitions.

The site pays special attention to golf travel, so the clubs are divided into categories corresponding to the region of the golf resort location. This will help choose the country of the planned trip, get acquainted with golf courses and learn about nearby infrastructure.

The works of the best photo agencies of the world are selected as illustrative material on the site. Photographs of world tournaments and golf events are available in the Photo Gallery section.

TodoGolf.com maintains direct communication with readers and provides an opportunity to speak on exciting topics, write notes and comment on current news.

Our goal is to test and then review all types of golf products for your benefit, bias free – from gadgets, to clubs, to educational materials and course reviews.

We invite visitors to actively participate in the life of the site – leave your impressions from visiting golf clubs and post interesting photos.